Sioshansi awarded Distinguished Research Fellowship

Posted: March 11, 2021
Ramteen Sioshansi

Professor Ramteen Sioshansi was recently awarded a research fellowship from Technische Universität Dresden.

The aim of Sioshansi’s project is to understand how markets and policies should be structured to facilitate the integration of energy storage into electricity systems. Energy-storage systems are becoming more viable technical solutions to mitigating power-system issues. This includes using energy storage for asset-investment deferral, generation shifting, end-user applications, and management of renewable-energy supply. Contemporaneously, the cost and technical performance of energy storage is making the technology competitive with other “more traditional” solutions to addressing these types of power-system challenges.

Despite this growing and recognized role that energy storage can play in electricity systems, there are different visions of how to incorporate energy storage into power-system operations and planning. North American markets have evolved over time towards a paradigm that is based on tight centralized co-ordination of the system. One can contrast this design with European markets, which rely to a greater extent on decentralized decision making. It is within this context that our proposed project “lives.” The underlying and fundamental question that we will address is what mix of the prevailing market-design principles that are applied in European and North American markets can allow for the integration of energy storage into power systems most efficiently.

The Distinguished Research Fellows are selected by an external selection committee, consisting of four internationally recognized scholars from the fields of business informatics/information systems, business administration, and economics and provides each Fellow with funds of up to 10,000 € for the realization of the proposed research project.

Key objectives associated with the Distinguished Research Fellowships are to foster innovative ideas and initiate exciting, vibrant research collaborations, to support the development of PhD students and early-career scholars (e.g., postdocs) of the Faculty, as well as to further expand the international research network and activities of the Faculty of Business and Economics.

An awards ceremony will be held online this summer.

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