Manufacturing Process Engineering

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The Ohio State University has a long history of engaging in ground-breaking research in Manufacturing Process Engineering. ISE faculty work in areas that cut across traditional disciplines (e.g. materials science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering) to develop new, or improve existing, manufacturing processes. Since its inception in 1925, Manufacturing Process Engineering has been a core educational and research focus area in the ISE Department.


As new materials and new products evolve, the methods, machines, equipment, and techniques for economically transforming raw materials into useful shapes, joining new materials into assemblies, and evaluating the critical quality attributes of these products, also need to be discovered and developed. 


To accomplish this, we use computational modeling and physical experiments to discover and predict the physical and mechanical behavior of materials as they are being transformed during fabrication, shaping, machining, heat treatment, and assembly.  These methods are also used to discover the critical process parameters which control transformation processes, and what range of those parameters are most viable and efficient. Using this knowledge, new processes - and sequences of multiple processes - can be developed, and existing processes significantly improved (reduced cost, effluent, waste, tooling, and time).

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