Smart Integrated Mobility, Manufacturing, and Cyber Security


The integration of mobility, manufacturing, and smart cities promises to increase productivity and enjoyment of life. Yet, there are many challenges requiring novel operations research, analytics, and artificial intelligence formulations and techniques. Our research spans vehicle routing and facility design in supply chains, optimal manufacturing process design and monitoring, and many aspects of cyber security. 

Integration is critical because, without cyber safe processes, applications and effectiveness are limited. Our techniques can greatly reduce fuel and personnel costs, increase process efficiency, reduce cyber incidents and costs, and enhance training.



Queuing Networks

Distributed Optimization

Deep Learning & Uncertainty Quantification

(Fast) Reinforcement Learning

Simulation Optimization


Game Theory

Control Charts

Experimental Design


Food Supply Chains
Host-Based Cyber Security
Account-Based Cyber Security
Large Scale Vehicle Routing
Cyber Security Gaming
Additive and Joining Processes
Social Media Analytics

Concentration Faculty