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We are focusing our research on developing new processes and/or approaches to improve the properties of plastic parts using Injection Molding process. Our facility currently has three Injection Molding machines of different tonnage including a Micro Injection Molding machine in Baker Systems basement. Several ASTM molds are capable to produce samples that can be tested for mechanical properties such as Tensile, Impact and 3-point bending.

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We are also equipped with testing equipment such as Melt Flow Indexer, Rheometer and DSC to quantify the polymer’s flow and heat properties. Our collaboration with Dr. James Lee at CBEC allows access to an Extruder and other testing equipment.

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From a sustainability standpoint, we investigated how to recycle painted parts and to incorporate them into molding a new part. This was done as a part of Ohio State and Honda research partnership. We are also working with a Buckeye Precious Plastic; a student group who is learning how to repurpose recycled plastic from around campus.

Work is being carried out to evaluate the use of plastics molds in injection molding that focuses on a low volume molded parts by using 3D printed molds.

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