Courses Supported

The following courses are a few that utilize the Manufacturing Lab and Machine Shop:


An instructor giving a welding demonstration to students in a lab

ISE2500 - Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering: 

The students will participate in hands on and demonstration labs exploring the following areas:  Metal Casting, Injection Molding, Material Testing, Machining, Metrology, Welding, Heat Treating, Metal Forming, and Sheetmetal Blanking. 

A student working in a machine shop

ISE3500 - Process Engineering for Machining Operations:

The students in this course will be immersed in the fundamental manufacturing process of machining.  This involves weekly 2 hour dedicated sessions in the Machining Lab learning the basics of the machining processes.  By the end of the semester the student will have a solid grasp of machining and also be able to design process flow for typical machining production.  Additionally, completion of this course is requirement needed for access to the machining lab for any future work that the student may wish to pursue.

Students looking at calipers in a machine shop

ISE 4500 - Manufacturing Process Engineering: 

Students in this course will take an in depth approach to quantifying the different processes of manufacturing including, Metal Forming, Casting, Material Testing, Material Properties, and Injection Molding.

A student and an instructor using a Faro Arm

ISE 5520-5525 - Industrial Automation & Industrial Robotics:

This two part series of lab-based courses will allow the students to have a hands on experience dealing with Programmable Logic Controllers and their peripheral sensors and accessories (ISE 5520) and then give them exposure to solving Automation problems with FANUC automation cells provided by Lincoln Electric. 

Course Instructors

ISE 2500

ISE 3500

ISE 4500

ISE 5520