Lab Policies

​ISE Computing Lab's mission is to support the academic and learning process of our students by providing a safe environment that is user-friendly and provide top-notch supports for our students. In return, all users are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner by following the Ohio State Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing and Network Resources and the additional policies stated below: 

  • Registered users can login in to our computing facility by using their OSU username (name.#) and password.

  • Users shall not share login credentials with anyone. If a user suspects that their account password may be compromised, they are to immediately change their password at the website.

  • Do not install any additional software. If you need to install additional software for teaching or class project purposes, and will use it for a certain amount of time, please contact the helpdesk ( in room 392 at least two weeks prior to anticipated need. 

  • Do not display inappropriate or offensive content on lab machines to maintain a supportive and friendly work space for all users.

  • Save all your files on your own media or to your Home Directory (U: drive). Any user files left on local hard disks will be deleted. Instructions on how to access Home Directory (U: drive) remotely from an external device can be found here. Users will lose access to their U:drive directly following their graduation day, so please plan accordingly.

  • Neither ISE nor ETS are responsible for any loss of data that are stored on local computers. It is your responsibility to provide your own storage media and backup your work.

  • Do not remove any hardware from the labs which includes removing/swapping chairs between rooms.

  • For security reasons, do not prop lab doors open, especially during off hours.

  • There may be software installed/available only on certain lab computers, and priority is given to the user(s) of these programs.

  • No food or food containers are allowed. Drinks in closed/secured lid containers are allowed.