Undergraduate Program

Why Consider ISE at Ohio State?

High Employment Rates: Students within the ISE program have exceptional employment opportunities. For the past 3 years, each year over 82% of our graduates have been hired for jobs within 3 months of graduation.  The rich curriculum within ISE provides opportunities for a wide range of career paths placing the occupation of an “industrial engineer” in the top 10 of America’s happiest people in terms of job satisfaction, according to a University of Chicago study.

Diverse Career Paths: ISE graduates are hired across a wide range of industries, including: 

  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Energy Systems
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Aviation
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Education


Ohio State academic programs are designed to prepare students to sit for applicable licensure or certification in Ohio. If you plan to pursue licensure or certification in a state other than Ohio, please review state educational requirements for licensure and certification and state licensing board contact information at go.osu.edu/onground.