Supply Chain Management & Logistics


The Ohio State University hosts a comprehensive program in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. The Department of Integrated Systems Engineering has both undergraduate and graduate concentrations in this area. We conduct both theoretical and applied research. This dual approach enables our researchers to understand, analyze, and solve real-world problems effectively.  


Supply Chain Management and Logistics at Ohio State provides an integrative perspective linking all parts of the supply chain. This includes planning, control, operations, production, storage, and distribution. We examine both tactical and strategic problems in supply chain design and management, and study the effects of and remedies for system disruptions.


To accomplish this, we take an interdisciplinary approach that integrates methodologies such as robust optimization, combinatorial optimization, stochastic programming, large-scale optimization, simulation, and data analytics.

Our contributions to the basic science of Supply Chain Management and Logistics are concerned with understanding the various components of the supply chain, and how these components interact. We have a particular focus on robust optimization and recovery from system failures. Our research is grounded in real world problems that help society operate more efficiently and effectively.


Combinatorial Optimization
Data Analytics
Dynamic Programming
Game theory
Large-scale Optimization
Robust Optimization
Stochastic Processes


Lean Production
Materials Requirement Planning
Sustainability and Resilience

Concentration Faculty

Stochastic Modeling

Data Analysis and Statistics

Operations Management