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Manufacturing Composites / Nanocomposites

Dr. Jose Castro holding polymer composite samples

Our research and teaching in Composites/Nanocomposites is collaboration between Professors Jose M. Castro and Jim Lee (CBE) it has led to development of improved composite material as well as thin nanocomposites films or nano papers.

Processability vs. Performance for lightweight composite materials

Adding carbon nano particles such as carbon nano fibers (CNF), the mechanical properties of fiber reinforced polymeric composite materials are improved, at the expense of processability. Our research focuses on developing the best balance between mechanical properties and processability. New methods of incorporating nanoparticles into the fiber reinforced materials are being developed. As a measure of processability the effect of CNF on permeability is measured. Flow simulation is used to decide the best manufacturing strategies.

Manufacturing improving quality nanopapers

Surface functionalization is used to manufacture more stable nanopapers with increased tensile strength and improved conductivity. The nanopaper permeability is measured as an indication of the easiness of impregnation.

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