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Scott Sink

  • Senior Lecturer, Integrated Systems Engineering
  • Senior Lecturer
  • 298 Baker Systems
    1971 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-901-9732



  • Lean Transformation Field Research with Sutphen, Peerless Saw, Grange Insurance (example sponsors).  Migration strategy development and Project Evolution and Execution.
  • ISE Deployment Strategies in Boeing, GM, UPS, Jabil, Disney, Intel (example organizations being studied).  Meta Study on how ISE is evolving and has evolved to drive Operational Excellence.
  • ISE Academic Department Strategies and Evolution specifically in the area of Analytics (Arizona State, OSU, Northwestern, NC State, Georgia Tech, University of Toronto, Western Michigan).  10 year meta exploration of departmental evolution differences.
  • Blended Training and Capstone Project Design and Optimization as focused on Integrated Lean Sigma Training and Certifications.  10 year design, development and optimization project for our program here at OSU. 
  • Performance Measurement Systems Design and Development.  Ongoing research in field and classroom on how to develop measurement system design and development capabilities that support continuous Operational Analytics and Improvement.  Operational Analytics.


  • BSISE, ISE, Ohio State, 1973
  • Eastman Kodak, Business Systems Division, 1973-1976
  • MSISE, Ph.D., Ohio State 1977,78
  • Oklahoma State University, Assoc Prof, 1978-84
  • Virginia Tech, Professor, 1978-1997
  • Exchange Solutions, VP Business Process Reengineering, 2000-2004
  • MDS (Global Life Sciences), VP Business Process Improvement, 2004-2007
  • Ohio State, ISE, Director ILSS Program, 2007-Present

Areas of Interest

I am currently focused on three things:

  • Optimizing training and development of ISE and ILSS knowledge and skills so that our students are able to make big contributions sooner once they graduate.
  • Operational Analytics to include the continuing digital transformation.  How to assist organizations to be able to take full advantage of all the data they currently have.
  • How to more effectively evolve the ISE role and contribution in business and industry.  Ongoing research with the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering.  Benchmarking to ISE departments (academic) and to “ISE” functions in the CISE Member companies.


These three things reflect the culmination of my almost 40 years of applied and field research in the area of Quality and Productivity Improvement and my emphasis on Performance Measurement Systems.  


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