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Michael Rayo

  • Assistant Professor, HRS - Health & Rehab Sciences
  • Assistant Professor, Integrated Systems Engineering
  • Faculty Affiliate, TDAI
  • 248 Baker Systems
    1971 Neil Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-721-2132



  • Cognitive systems engineering
  • Human/machine teaming architectures
  • Visual analytics
  • Alarm design
  • Decision-support design
  • Resliience engineering


Ph.D. The Ohio State University, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, 2013

M.S. The Ohio State University, Integrated Systems Engineering, 2007

B.S. Case Western Reserve University, Chemical Engineering, 1993

B.A. Case Western Reserve University, Music, 1993

Areas of Interest

Dr. Rayo’s research focuses on how the design of cognitive tools influence multi-agent teaming architectures that contribute to adaptive and maladaptive system behaviors.  His work in how alarm design and management, visual analytics, computerized decision support, and interpersonal communication foster system resilience has been funded by the National Patient Safety Foundation, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Office of Naval Research, and the Air Force Research Laboratory. He has published numerous papers on patient safety and human factors engineering, and serves on multiple patient safety committees and advisory groups. 


Dr. Rayo currently teaches two courses in the department: Introduction to Cognitive Systems Engineering (ISE 5700) and Visual Analytics for Sensemaking (ISE 5760). He also teaches the online Visual Analytics for Sensemaking course as part of the Certification in Practice of Data Analytics.