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Woods delivers presentation for Adobe Tech Summit 2022

Professor Woods

Professor Emeritus David Woods was recently selected to give a presentation at Adobe Tech Summit 2022. The summit is one that features talks by leaders of industry, actors, authors, athletes and entrepreneurs as well as scholars. 

The bi-annual event takes place every two years with thousands of scientists, designers and researchers gathering in San Francisco – and virtually – to share their work. 

Woods delivered a talk on “Why Do Reliable Systems Fail?” which is an overview of his recent work “on complexity and adaptation based on new results from resilience engineering.” 

He says he was very pleased to have the opportunity to deliver the information to a new audience. “People don’t usually associate Adobe and us,” he says, adding that he was selected because of his involvement with software engineering groups. 

He notes that the talk is particularly appropriate to a tech audience. 

“Every technology today is dependent on software tooling to create, connect and carry out valued services to stakeholders,” Woods says. “Underneath it all is this software base.” 

The 15-minute talk is available for download and one that Woods says he’ll be able to share with ISE students now and into the future. 

Story by Nancy Richison

Category: Faculty