Rayo awarded NIH grant

Posted: January 7, 2022
Mike Rayo

ISE Assistant Professor Mike Rayo and Ken Catchpole at the Medical University of South Carolina were awarded an AHRQ R01 grant to focus on systems-centered interviewing and data analytics techniques to increase the resilience of medical centers’ surgical sterile departments. This 5-year project will accelerate Prof. Rayo’s work in monitoring system resilience in two ways: by using Joint Activity Design (JAD), Dr. Rayo’s method of designing resilient human-machine teams, to create a set of predictive models and custom design the visual analytics to represent the outputs of those model, and also by using Systemic Contributors and Adaptation Diagramming (SCAD), a lightweight interview and analysis method I devised to proactively determine patterns of how varying environmental demands are inducing systemic adaptations and to what extent those patterns are associated with continued adaptability or brittleness. This will be the first time that these two techniques have been brought together to build an operational capability to monitor ongoing performance!

You can read the full award details here.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is a “sister” agency to NIH within the Department of Health and Human Services, and behaves much like any NIH institute. The R01 is comparable to an NSF Large (depending on the directorate and award) and is the largest and most prestigious award granted by AHRQ to individual investigators (i.e., not a center grant).

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