Two ISE Department Faculty named Among the Top-5 Scheduling Researchers

Posted: October 21, 2021

According to a recent study published in Operations Research,  two of the top 5 researchers in the area of scheduling over the journal’s 68-year history are at Ohio State1. The study looked at top-cited authors in the journal who publish in the area of scheduling. Nick Hall,  professor in the departments of Operations and Business Analytics and Integrated Systems Engineering was ranked first, and Marc Posner, professor of Integrated Systems Engineering, was ranked fourth. 

Nick Hall and Marc Posner
Nick Hall (l) and Marc Posner (r).
Photo credit: Sam Davanloo

Operations Research is among the most prestigious journals of the field. It has been consistently ranked by Financial Times as one of the top 50 journals used in their research rankings and by Business Week as one of their top 20 premier journals.

Scheduling affects virtually every aspect of our lives, from transportation to sports to manufacturing.  The field of scheduling studies mathematical models and methods for optimally sequencing and timing tasks and operations, taking into account costs, limited resources, and other constraints.

Scheduling is an important part of supply chain management, which has become even more important during the pandemic (see Prof. Marc Posner’s interview on the pandemic’s effect on supply chains aired by WBNS 10TV).  The Integrated Systems Engineering Department at OSU has both undergraduate and graduate (M.S.) tracks in supply chain management. Both Professors Hall and Posner teach related courses in the area. 


1  A. Calma, W. Ho, L. Shao, and H. Li  “Operations Research: Topics, Impact, and Trends from 1952–2019,”  Operations Research, published online in Articles in Advance 21 July 2021

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