ISE student wins 2nd place in INFORMS student paper competition

Posted: November 8, 2019

ISE Ph.D. student, Enhao Liu, was awarded second place in the INFORMS Social Media Analytics Best Student Paper Competition. He presented his paper, A Twitter-Based Cyber Security Warning and Prioritization System, at the recent INFORMS conference in October. Other competitors were from GATech, MIT, USC, and GWU. Enhao's research is providing an early warning system for Ohio State and others about "super-critical" cyber vulnerabilities that, if patched, can avoid over half of all compromised hosts. The system has advantages over commercially available alternatives including from Tenable in that both use social media data. Enhao's system provides interpretable outputs including the chance that exploits exist, the likely future CVSS score, and the chance that hosts with the vulnerability will be compromised locally.

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