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ISE Welcomes Jitamitra Desai on 3/8/17

Data-driven models and algorithms in aviation operations research

Seminar by Jitamitra Desai, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Cluster

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Nanyang Technological University

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 from 4:00-5:00 pm

144 Baker Systems, 1971 Neil Avenue

In this talk, we present a portfolio of models and algorithms that arise in aviation operations research. Beginning with an introduction to the various operational problems that occur within the Terminal Maneuvering Area (TMA) of an airport, this talk specifically focuses on flight sequencing and scheduling operations within the TMA. While runway sequencing and scheduling has been well studied in the literature, the problem of scheduling flights taking into account the TMA configuration and constraints is a relatively nascent area of research. This problem is proven to be NP-Hard, and detailed data analysis of the problem parameters and their impact on problem complexity is discussed. A 0-1 mixed-integer programming (MIP) formulation is derived, and several model enhancement strategies are presented. Recognizing the computational difficulty in directly employing this MIP model to solve realistic instances, a novel “data-driven splitting algorithm” is prescribed. Detailed algorithmic insights and analyses validate the rationale and strength of the proposed approach, including a combinatorial exposition of the reduction in the search space. Computational results reveal the efficiency of the proposed algorithm in solving large-scale realistic instances in real-time, while achieving the optimal solution in nearly all of the instances.

Dr. Jitamitra (Jita) Desai is currently a faculty member of Operations Research at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Dr. Desai’s research interests are in the areas of data-driven optimization and big-data analytics, with wide-ranging applications to engineering and management problems. He is currently the lead investigator on several research projects, having garnered over S$10M in research funding from various government and industry agencies in Singapore. He is currently supervising 5 PhD students and 3 postdoctoral scholars. Dr. Desai obtained his Ph.D. from the Industrial and Systems Engineering department at Virginia Tech, and his B.Tech degree is from the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras. Dr. Desai has authored several refereed journal articles and book chapters, and is actively involved in the OR community. He has taught several graduate and undergraduate-level courses in the OR and decision analysis areas, and was awarded the Nanyang Education Award (2014), a university-wide teaching excellence award.