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ISE Welcomes Vahid Tari on January 27th, 2017

Characterization and Multi-Scale Modeling of Materials

Seminar by Vahid Tari, Postdoctoral Associate

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, January 27th  from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

210E Baker Systems, 1971 Neil Avenue

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) is the integration of materials information, captured in computational tools, with engineering product performance analysis and manufacturing-process simulation. The tenets of ICME were captured the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) to integrate experiments, computation, and theory. With regards to ICME, in the first part of this presentation, I talk about my research experiences in characterization of different structural materials such as steel, and titanium commonly used in automotive and aerospace industry, and describe the role of materials characterization in design and manufacturing. Afterward I explain a three-dimensional image based modeling technique, and discuss the ability of this technique in the grain-scale prediction of stress/strain localization, facilitating damage nucleation during the mechanical performance that is a bottle neck in engineering applications. Lastly, I summarize the future work on characterization and multi-scale modeling of additive manufacturing materials, talk about future path on ICME in grain boundary engineering of materials, and highlight multi-scale modeling of multiphase polycrystalline materials and advanced composite materials.

Vahid Tari is a postdoctoral associate in department of materials science and engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He obtained his Ph.D. in computational engineering from Mississippi State University. His primary research interests are currently focused on three-dimensional modeling of polycrystalline materials and composites, parallel computing, and materials characterization. He severs as reviewers for publications in some journals such as Materials science and Engineering A and Scripta Materialia.