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ISE Welcomes Kory Hedman

Managing uncertain resources in electric energy systems: overcoming practical barriers with data mining

Kory Hedman, Assistant Professor

School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering, Arizona State University

Monday, February 1. 9:30 – 10:30 am

210E Baker Systems, 1971 Neil Avenue

The electric power system is one of the most complex engineered systems to date and electrification was listed as the greatest achievement of the 20thcentury by the National Academy of Engineering. With the growing interest in renewable resources and demand response products, there is a push to leverage stochastic optimization to improve the management of such uncertain resources. While there are many researchers engaged in this topic, many pursuits do not acknowledge practical barriers that inhibit the adoption of stochastic programming. This talk will discuss various practical barriers that exist within the electric power sector. The talk will also discuss ways to enhance the existing deterministic optimization models to produce better quality solutions without having to revert to a two-stage stochastic program. First, offline analysis of the network flow model has been done to produce extreme ray cuts that can be added to the existing deterministic market optimization models. Since there are exponentially many extreme rays, the main challenge is in choosing the most effective cuts. Second, data mining techniques can be leveraged to detect patterns in historical data (or stochastic simulations of operating conditions). By analyzing data offline, it is possible to generate proxy constraints that enhance the deterministic market models in order to generate more reliable market solutions without a substantial increase in solution time. The talk will conclude by identifying future pursuits to achieve market adoption.

Kory Hedman joined the School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at Arizona State University in 2010; Dr. Hedman is also a graduate faculty for the Industrial Engineering Program at ASU. Hedman received the MS and PhD degrees in operations research from the University of California, Berkeley and he holds degrees from the University of Washington (BS in EE and BS in Economics) and Iowa State University (MS in EE and MS in Economics). In 2012, Hedman received the best journal paper award from the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PSACE sub-committee), the Fulton Engineering Exemplar Faculty award in its inaugural year, and the Young Engineer of the Year award from the IEEE Phoenix Section. Dr. Hedman specializes in power systems operations and planning, operations research for electric power systems, and electric energy market design and pricing.