ISE at Ohio State

Making Products Better Through Process Management and Innovative Design

The ISE Department offers degrees in industrial and systems engineering (B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.). These degrees focus on the design, operation and management of complex systems, providing students with a blend of technical, management and  human-centered design skills.

Diverse Career Opportunities: A degree in ISE offers career opportunities in a whole host of industries:  manufacturing and production * healthcare * finance * energy systems * retail and distribution * aviation * information technology * marketing * education.

Career Satisfaction: As a result of the richness and diversity of these career paths, according to a University of Chicago study, the occupation “industrial engineer” is in the top 10 of America’s happiest people when it comes to job satisfaction.

High Employment Rates: Our students have exceptional employment opportunities that add further value to this degree. For the past 3 years, each year over 82% of our graduates have been hired for jobs within 3 months of graduation.

ISE Foundations: Our program provides students with a strong engineering foundation coupled with core ISE coursework in engineering economics * simulation * optimization * quality control * supply chain management and logistics * project management * manufacturing processes * lean engineering * workplace and facility design * ergonomics * systems thinking * cognitive systems engineering, along with practical experience from internships and capstone projects.

Additional Depth: Students then get added depth through specialization in one of four tracks: Data Analytics and Optimization *  Human-Systems Integration and Design * Management Systems and Operations Research * Manufacturing.  They also can complete additional specializations and minors focusing on: Integrated Lean Six Sigma * Business * Computer Science * Design.