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Seminar: ISE and the Hirschvogel OpEx

Arun Kumar Thandapani, Hirschvogel Incorporated
Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
198 Baker Systems
1971 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Seminar by Arun Kumar Thandapani

President and CEO

Hirschvogel Incorporated

Columbus, OH


Hirschvogel was founded in 1938. In 1988 the company celebrated it’s 50th company anniversary, sales rose for the first time above the 100 million D-mark level and they started internationalization with the founding of their first subsidiary right here in Columbus, OH.  Cold forged parts were produced for the US market.

Arun will provide a detailed overview of the rapidly evolving Hirschvogel Production System (modelled after the Toyota Production System) and also cover their OpEx Program.  He will explain what the plant here in Columbus does and review expansion plans.  He’ll highlight key roles that ISE’s can and will play as the company continues to grow and expand.  There are graduate research opportunities and Dr. Sink is lining up ILSS Certification Capstone Projects for next year currently.

Arun Kumar Thandapani is a graduate of our ISE Department, he received his MSISE in 2004 and studied under Dr. Altan and worked in our Net Shape Manufacturing Research Center. He joined Hirschvogel as a Forging Engineer and has risen rapidly in the company.  He served as CEO for Hirschvogel Components India Pvt. Lt. from 2013 to Aug of 2018 when he was promoted to CEO and President of the company here in Columbus.