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Graduation Application

All students need to submit an application in order to be eligible to graduate from The Ohio State University.

Step 1: Prepare to apply for graduation

You will be required to submit a course projection for your final two semesters when you apply for graduation. As you contemplate course selections, we recommend you follow these instructions to help you plan appropriately.

Run a Degree Audit (DARS)

  • Students must first run a degree audit to determine their remaining course requirements. Degree requirements that are still missing will run red in the audit.  Degree requirements that are complete will run green in the audit.  

Review ISE Course Offerings

  • Documents found on the "Curriculum" page will help provide information on when you can anticipate future ISE courses to be offered.  While the department tries to offer courses on their regular schedule, please know that listings are subject to change. Students are encouraged to have back-up options in place.

Enroll in Courses for Your Second-To-Last Term

Step 2: Submit a Graduation Application

Applications should be submitted at least one semester prior to your anticipated graduation term online, according to the timeline below:

  • Spring Graduation: 2nd Friday of previous Autumn Semester
  • Summer Graduation: 2nd Friday of previous Spring Semester
  • Autumn Graduation: 2nd Friday of previous Spring Semester


Step 3: Schedule an advising appointment before the 5th Friday the term prior to graduation.

Once you submit a graduation application, you should set up an advising appointment with the ISE Undergraduate Coordinator to verify that all courses you intend to schedule for your final two semesters meet all requirements to graduate.  

Step 4: Monitor your degree audit

It is YOUR responsibility to monitor your Degree Audit and check for accuracy. If your Degree Audit is not running green after you have enrolled in your last semester courses, you need to either adjust your schedule accordingly or contact an Academic Advisor.

  • Please note that any curriculum updates or exceptions that have already been noted by the Advising Office will be posted during the last term of enrollment.
  • Once a graduation application is approved, you must follow the plan indicated on your application. If you plan to deviate from your original plan, you must contact an ISE Academic Advisor regarding the changes you plan to make to ensure that you are still fulfilling all graduation requirements. If you change courses but do not let an ISE Academic Advisor know, there is no guarantee that your graduation term will not be affected.

​Step 5: Check your OSU email Regularly

Read the “Important Information re: Graduation” e-mail sent during your graduating semester. These e-mails will arrive from The Graduation Coordinator for the College of Engineering (  These emails sent will contain important information and instructions regarding your commencement. Engineering students do not receive a hardcopy graduation booklet, only the informational email from the College. You will be sent information to your OSU email which you will need to verify for accuracy. If you currently forward your OSU email to a private account, you may not receive important emails regarding your graduation.

Other Important Items

By the 10th Friday of your graduation semester, review the information on the OSU Commencement and the College of Engineering Graduation websites for detailed instructions pertaining to rehearsal and commencement. In particular, review the “Before Commencement” link and complete all instructions for the Graduating Class. If you have elected not to participate in the Commencement ceremony or are unable to attend, please submit a Commencement Ceremony Excused Form to at least three weeks prior to the Commencement date.

For more information regarding Commencement, speaker information or where the current semester's graduation ceremony will be held, visit