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Graduation Application

All students need to submit an application in order to be eligible to graduate from The Ohio State University.

ISE Graduation Application

Applications should be submitted by the 2nd Friday of the term, according to the timeline below:

  • Spring Graduation: 2nd Friday of previous Autumn Semester
  • Summer Graduation: 2nd Friday of previous Spring Semester
  • Autumn Graduation: 2nd Friday of previous Spring Semester


Submitting your application to graduate by the posted deadline allows us to:

1. Award you a graduating senior priority scheduling appointment for your final semester.

2. Verify that all courses you intend to schedule for your final two semesters do meet all requirements to graduate.

Once you submit your application, the ISE Undergraduate Program Coordinator will review your application in great detail to confirm what you plan to take in the upcoming semesters will indeed allow you to graduate. After your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email stating your application has been approved or needs edited. 

If a course you indicated on your graduation application is not being offered or if you simply change your mind, you do not need to submit a new application. Just be sure your new course fulfills the same requirement. It is recommended you use the ISE Technical Elective packets as a guide to determine which courses fulfill your track. Please be sure to select the appropriate packet, based on when you were admitted to OSU. 

Further instructions and infromation about graduation can be found on the College of Engineering Website.