Technical Elective Tracks

In addition to the core curriculum, students are required to fulfill technical electives within a specialized track from one of the following five areas:

  • Data Analytics and Optimization (requires admission)
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics (requires admission)
  • Management Systems and Operations Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Systems Integration and Design


ISE Technical Elective Packets


Admission to special technical elective tracks

The ISE department requires students to apply to the following two technical elective tracks:

  1. Data Analytics & Optimization
  2. Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Students should know it takes at minimum three full semesters to complete these track requirements.

Entry into these tracks is highly competitive, as there is only space for a limited number of students in the required courses. Students will be admitted based on EPHR, CPHR, as well as performance in programming, math, and statistics courses.

Current OSU students interested in these tracks must submit an application online by the following deadlines for consideration:

  • To be eligible to apply to one of these tracks, students must at minimum be eligible to apply to the ISE major and must be in-progress of completing MATH 2415. This means students can be applying to the major and to one of these tracks during the same term.
  • Those interested in Supply Chain Management & Systems must have ECON 2001.01 completed at the time of application.


  • The application for admission to the track starting Autumn 2017 is closed.
  • For admission to the track starting Spring 2018, students must submit their application by 11:59pm on Friday, September 8th, 2017. The application will become available at the start of the Autumn 2017 term.
  • If students are accepted into both tracks, they will be required to choose one.

Essay prompt for this application: “Why are you interested in pursuing this particular track?”