Computer Lab 1

ISE Student Computer Labs

  • Located on the 3rd floor of the Baker Systems Engineering building.
  • Rooms: 351, 378, and 356.
  • Color laser printer available in room 356.
  • Large format printing available upon request (7 day lead time required), please contact the helpdesk (


Lab Policies:

  • (New Changes Autumn 2016). Users can use our computing facility by using their OSU username and password (no longer a different password than your Carmen/Email password)
  • Do not install any additional software. If you need to install any additional software for teaching or class project purposes, and will use it for a certain amount of time, please contact the helpdesk ( in Rm. 392 at least two weeks prior.
  • Save all your files on your own media or Z: drive. Any user files left on local hard disk will be deleted.
  • We are not responsible for any loss of data that you stored on the computers. It is your responsibility to provide your own storage media and backup your work.
  • Do not remove any manual book, hardware or software from the lab.
  • There is software that was installed and is running only on certain computers, and priority is given to the user(s) of these programs.